Open source projects

Prestashop to the rescue

Every PrestaShop developer knows how sometimes developing a module for this platform is like rocket science. At Dartmoon we love rockets, so we built some libraries and a boilerplate to really simplify the creation of PrestaShop modules. If you are a PrestaShop developer, give it a try and see for yourself ;)


Devops recipes (because we like automation)

We are a startup and as a good startup we needed some automation in our development and deployment processes (honestly, who doesn’t?). We built some recipes to simplify the deployment of some key software we use daily into a Portainer node (yes, we use Docker). We even have some simple recipes to deploy some Laravel and WordPress projects.


Mixed projects and whatnot

When we see a tedious task we like to develop some kind of library/tool, or whatever comes to mind, and we decided to share them with the open source community. Here we grouped some unrelated projects, take a peek.