Open source projects

Mixed projects and whatnot

In our day-to-day work we sometimes stumble upon some recurrent problems. These problems prompt us to create some snippets of code, some libraries or some module/plugin to facilitate our work (because who likes to do the same job multiple times?).

Laravel packages

The Laravel ecosystem is so rich with already developed packages that it will do everything you could possibly imagine. Sometimes, however, they won’t do exactly what you want to achieve and bending them to our will will require a heavy rework. For this we created some packages that we would love to share.

Laravel Localized Routes

This is our package to localize Laravel routes and translate themes without much effort. This will allow you to register the routes as you would normally do and simply translate them using the translation service of Laravel.

Laravel Route Helpers

A simple library for Laravel Route facade that adds a “when” statement to conditionally register routes.

WordPress plug-ins

We love WordPress because it allows you to build a website without much effort. During our WordPress development we often encountered some recurring tasks; for example, disabling the editor capabilities for some CPTs (Custom Post Types) or for specific pages, or needing to register the same handler to multiple hooks. For this we create some MU plugins (Must Use Plugins) that allow us to speed up the development significantly.

WordPress Disable Editor

This plugin allows you to disable the editor for some CPTs, templates or specific pages.

WordPress Utils

A simple utils plugin that lets you register the same handler to multiple filters without much effort.

Other libraries

An unrelated list of other works we have done during the years.

AOS Responsive

Animate On Scroll is an amazing library, but sometimes you need to tweak the animation using media queries. This library lets you do exactly this!

Router JS

This library allows you to load JavaScript code based on classes assigned to the body element of the page.