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We got your attention? Great! In this page you will find our full business purpose statement.

Company presentation

Between rubber ducks, code and kittens we decided to create a presentation for our company. In this PDF (because it’s the greener way) you’ll find pretty much what we already told you, but in a shorter and condensed version (don’t worry we included some kittens as well).

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Business purpose

The company has as purpose:
- IT consulting and IT development of any shape or form;
- Consulting, research and development, ideation and production, as well as marketing of innovative software with a high technological value, which aim to satisfy any IT need required by the market, as well as any related activity;
- Research, development, ideation, production and marketing of digital solutions that are under the concept of “Semantic Web” or Web 3.0 of any shape or form, which aim to simplify access to web resources and give users more control over which applications access their data. In this sense the company will be able to research, ideate, develop, produce and market hardware and software solutions for accessing, storing and availing this data by using, including but not limited to: machine learning, artificial intelligence, internet of things (IOT), predictive analysis, virtual reality, augmented reality, data mining, big data, reverse engineering, innovative data transmission networks;
- Research, development, ideation, production and marketing of digital solutions of any shape or form, that are under the concept of web3, platforms that use the blockchain, fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for the decentralized storage of data, self sovereign identity, to grant users more control over their data, giving them proof of property and applications executed on distributed devices; these solutions will use one or more of these technologies: blockchain, distributed ledger, fungible tokens, non fungible tokens (NFTs), digital transfer of value or property, digital notarization, property tokenization and smart contracts;
- The supply of cloud services, including but not limited to: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS). Within the scope of these activities, and always outside the law-reserved activities, the company will be able to:
- Create, distribute (for free or for a paid subscription), buy and sell, even as a profit for its services or software/hardware products, fungible and non fungible tokens;
- Release under license open source and open hardware products and services;
- Execute staking and mining operations or any other operation aimed towards the generation and distribution of fungible and non fungible tokens;
- Create or take part in innovative start-ups that have a high technological and digital vocation, for example investing technologically in these companies and/or projects that have a purpose similar or related to our own;
- Activate collaborations with universities and research centers in Italy or abroad, even with the sole aim of technological transferring of digital solutions and platforms;
- Receive stocks or quotes of companies and innovative start-ups as compensation for its activities;
- Create, acquire, give or commercially exploit in any form proprietary software or software that was acquired under license; exploit commercially technologies, texts, images, brands, patents, licenses, graphic and technological products, even in concession or for a third party.
In any case, the mentioned activities will be executed following the current legislation and notwithstanding the ownership of the requirements, enabling titles, authorization and licenses required by the current legislation.
Moreover, the company will be able to fulfill (in accordance with the current legislation), any commercial, industrial, real estate and financial operation (excluding those towards the general public and never in a predominant way) that aim to fulfill the business purpose, including but not limited to the direct or indirect intake of company or entities shares that have a similar or related business purpose; the purchase of companies or business units; the stipulation of mortgages or loans of any kind, with private parties, companies or credit institutions, and the release of real and personal warranties on movable and immovable properties, including sureties, indemnity letters and warranty letters.

download the business purpose (italian)