We are officially in 2024, and just like anyone else at the moment we’re looking back at the last twelve months and drawing our conclusions on all that we’ve been able to achieve and all that we are eager to work on in the future.

Buckle up, because in this blog post we’re not only going to look at what we personally worked on, but also at how we’re planning to make the most of technologies that started trending last year and that will only grow more and more important as time goes on.

But let’s start at the beginning…

A newly established company…

In February of this year Dartmoon was officially founded.

As you may know from our “Who” page (go give it a read if you haven’t!) Dartmoon consists of only three people whose skills span from back-end development, to front-end development, to Graphic Design, especially UI/UX Design.

This magical blend of abilities made us open to a world of possibilities: while Dartmoon started as a simple web agency, we now delve more deeply into the custom software realm, by implementing custom integrations on already existing websites and e-commerces, creating management software, and contributing to the Open Source Community.

…but most of all, a Start-up…

In march, Dartmoon was officially registered as an italian “innovative start-up”, a title that indicates a high level of skill and innovation and a drive towards new and disruptive technologies.

Being a start-up means a lot more than just simply being a “company”. Startups are focused on developing and testing new business ideas and models that can disrupt or create markets, whereas small businesses usually operate in more established markets and rely on proven business models. We define ourselves as a start-up because the ideas we hope to bring to life really have a chance to change the world.

As our mission statement says:

We want to code our future, the future of mankind, your future.

…in need of rebranding

In between working and researching innovations, we decided it was also time for a full-on rebranding. We started the process by renovating our website both visually and content-wise to better reflect our new business’s services, mission, vision and values, which had all evolved since our first website’s release back in 2021. You’ll learn more about how we went about rebranding in a future blog post, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, we also started to be more present in our social media profiles, because we wanted to connect to like-minded people and companies that could grow into future collaborations, while also keeping our followers updated on our work.

Last but not least, in November we opened our blog (after months of behind-the-scenes work) to keep you updated on everything we don’t have enough space to explain on social networks. 

Our first steps

Q2 of 2023 was really where we could start offering our renovated services to the world. We already had a good amount of companies we collaborated with on really amazing projects in the previous years, but this was the time when we were truly able to expand and grow our network.

We started to establish ourselves by working together with other great marketing and web agencies, especially (but not only!) in the Venice area. That’s when we really started to present ourselves as a “Team as a Service”, offering our knowledge and skills in custom development to help them satisfy their own clients’ wishes beyond simple WordPress websites, allowing them to offer a greater level of customization and personalization, because that’s what we’re really passionate about (and also, it perfectly aligns with our skills).

Exploring new technologies

We strive for innovation in everything we do, and we love to jump in feet first in any new technology that we think has the potential to change lives.

This year, we were able to team up with the Rivero team to further explore and bring to life their amazing project, which recently opened up to the public and is already starting to gain traction in the blockchain community.

We’re also working on our own “.crypto” landing page, which we’re hoping to release very soon.

Apart from the crypto world, we also had the opportunity to explore the world of Augmented Reality by teaming up with a super cool italian startup to help them to offer their Virtual Try-On plug-in for WordPress and PrestaShop (but both are currently still under review, sadly).

Giving back to the community

As you may know, we have a whole page dedicated to our pro-bono efforts towards our local community.

This year ended with the start of a new partnership with LAB-orienta, a sub-organization of the bigger “Fare Civico”, that aims to help teens and young adults by giving them useful resources to navigate the job market, by arranging orientation events to give them tips and tricks, and help them gain perspective with motivational meetings.

We were happy to gift this organization a custom website where they will be able to better communicate all the necessary information about their upcoming events, and allow people to directly enroll.

What we see in the future

It wouldn’t be a true year review if we didn’t also set some goals for this new year, right?

Well, we do have two projects we hope to release in 2024.

The first one is Surway, a project in collaboration with our friends from Rivero, which is a collaborative platform for survey sharing that allows users to find the answers they are looking for in exchange for answering other users’ surveys themselves… but you’ll find out more about that really soon, so stay tuned!

The other thing we’re currently working on is a completely customizable management software that deals with everything a business could ever need: accounting records, invoices, clients, projects, time management… you name it, you got it! This unnamed project is still in development and will take a bit longer, but we hope it will see the light before the next year ends.

Make a wish

There are some technologies that really shaped this past year and that we hope to work on next year.

In the first place we can find the crypto world and the blockchain, which we’ve already tested the waters of, but want to get even more involved in. We really believe that this technology will shape the future of economics and we want to be a part of the transformation.

Secondly, we can’t forget the rise of AI, which is really starting to become a prevalent part of people’s lives and will only become even more prominent in the future. We have already started to implement various AI tools into our everyday job, but we also hope to have the opportunity to put our own spin into it in the future.

Lastly, a really big project we hope to at least start to validate has to do with renewable energy storage and distribution through the blockchain, but we can’t say much more than that for now, so you’ll have to wait!

There’s a lot of other projects and ideas on our minds… too many to count, actually. That’s just how the minds of start-uppers work. We also love hearing other people’s perspectives on which technology they think will take flight in the future, so feel free to let us know your thoughts on our social media profiles.


2023 was a pretty wild year for a lot of reasons, both in our company and in the world as a whole.

Our goal in 2024 is to continue working on innovating our world with a lot of new projects, and hopefully even grow the Dartmoon family by bringing fresh minds into our team.

Lastly, we want to wish you an amazing start of the new year. We cherish and appreciate every single one of you and can’t wait to have you on board for years to come.

See you next year!

The Dartmoon team