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Prestahop to the rescue

We like to develop for this e-commerce platform, but there are some tedious tasks that need to be performed to develop a module. We decided to build a boilerplate and some libraries to speed up the development and to concentrate ourselves directly on the actual code.

Prestashop module - our boilerplate

We love simple things, and what name for a module could be easier than “PrestaShop Module”?

Why should you use this boilerplate? PHP has a lot of packages that are ready to do anything you like. Unfortunately sometimes it is not possible to use them inside a PrestaShop module because there could be conflicts with other modules using the same packages but with different versions, or the core itself uses a different version. Finding a compatible package can be a really tedious task, but we developed an alternative!

To allow the usage of pretty much every single package we added something called a prefixer, that will adjust the namespace to something unique to your module and the deed is done! You can now use your favorite package without worrying. And the best part? It’s already configured.

Inside the package you will find everything you need to build your module and even compile it, so that you can ship your module without all the development tools: just production code as it should be.


Packages / Addons

We developed some addons to our boilerplate to improve and simplify the development of PrestaShop modules. To tell you the truth they are not just addons, but fully independent packages that you can add to your module, even without our boilerplate.

PrestaShop TabManager

A simple package that allows you to add your controllers to the PrestaShop Backoffice menu. Simply define an array with all the menu items and let the package install them.

PrestaShop Hooks

PrestaShop hooks done right! Instead of polluting the main file of your module with all the hook definitions, with this package you can define them into their own class.

PrestaShop Config

Have you ever dreamed of a Laravel-like config folder for your PrestaShop module where you can put your module’s static configs? Well this package has got you covered!

PrestaShop Utils

A simple package with some common utils, ready to be used.

PrestaShop Console

Simple boilerplate to simplify the creation of custom PrestaShop console commands.