Welcome to our lunar blog!

Opening a blog is a thing that many people think about, but very few actually do it. I mean, it’s 2023 and blogs are kind of like the vinyl records of the internet!

But here at Dartmoon, we're eager to spill our wacky ideas, and who knows, our tips and tricks might just save you from a lifetime of not knowing your way around the digital world.

So, here’s a non-comprehensive list of all the reasons we decided to open our blog.

To elaborate on topics related to our work

You know, sometimes our job can be a bit too technical. That’s why this blog is useful: here we can be as technical as we want! We can elaborate on things that we couldn’t say in a simple social media post. So, get ready to get very technical about our tools and technologies. It will be interesting, I promise, especially if you’re a developer!

To justify our choices

In everything we do, it's all about making choices. When we begin a project, we take the time to really understand it. Sometimes, we want to explain our decisions more clearly and share why we picked one thing over another.

To tell you our stories and ideas

Like we mentioned earlier, sometimes social networks just can't handle the sheer magnitude of our thoughts. Trying to cram everything into a tiny caption is like trying to fit an elephant into a phone booth – it's just not happening! That's why this blog is our secret lair where we spill the beans on everything.

To gather and share our knowledge

We're all about spreading the knowledge. Sometimes a little tip can be a game-changer, and we're here for everyone. We've learned from other bloggers, so let's be internet buddies and share the wisdom!

We hope this blog will be a tool for us to further spread our knowledge, and a tool for you to get to know us and our job better.

Thanks everyone and stay tuned!

The Dartmoon team