Your dream, our code.

What we do

You put in the idea, we code the perfect tool to get you where you want. From custom softwares to websites we are here to help you reach your goals (wanna reach the moon? We’re the guys!). Come on and explore together the galaxy of our lunar services.

Laravel Development

Laravel is quickly becoming one of the go-to frameworks for PHP development to build nearly every type of web based software: from customized websites, to e-commerce, and even horizontally scalable management softwares.

At Dartmoon we love to remain on top of the development trends and to only use advanced and innovative solutions to code the best tailor-made software. As part of our tireless research for better tools, framework and libraries we pair Laravel with some other great technologies out there. For example we almost always use AlpineJS and TailwindCSS to make our products more beautiful and interactive. All of this while making them really simple to maintain and expand (let’s be real, a custom software is never really finished!).

Wanna reach the moon? Let’s build together your new software spaceship!

UI/UX design and brand identity

Brand Identity and graphic design means finding the best way to communicate your idea and your values to your users in a visual way. This can be really tricky, but we will follow you and help you through the entire process to craft together those impactful visuals that leave a lasting impression.

When designing compelling user interfaces or branding elements we can’t forget purpose and usability. This is when a good UX designer is needed and at Dartmoon we blend creativity and strategic thinking with aesthetics without forgetting purpose and user experience.

The next big thing is the one that makes the last big thing usable.
– Blake Ross, Co-creator of Mozilla Firefox

Wordpress Development

In the past years WordPress has become one of the top players in the website development space. With nearly 35% of all websites out there it can simply be called the king of CMS. It’s like 42, it’s the answer to (nearly) the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything (website-related).

After you get your big idea you need to communicate it to the world, that’s where websites come in handy. A good website must be a mix between a creative and functional design and a user-centric experience where your users will feel at home. Here is why WordPress is the perfect tool: with a nearly infinite library of plugins it can be tailored to fulfill every one of your needs.

At Dartmoon we love working with WordPress and with technologies like Roots Bedrock and Roots Sage to craft a speedy, efficient and scalable website to reach every single one of your users. All this without forgetting maintainability, and making sure it is shielded from external malicious attacks.

Customized modules
& plugins

Do you need an integration between your e-commerce website and your management software? Do you need to export your orders to an external platform? Do you need a complex feature for your website? We got you covered!

We have developed a deep knowledge of Laravel, WordPress and even PrestaShop and we are able to develop your custom extensions, whatever your needs are. Your idea, our code!


Are you a merchant and want to sell your products online? We can help you navigate the galaxy of e-commerce without getting lost (and in space it is sooo easy). We will be your lighthouse!

We will craft your new e-commerce website choosing between a variety of different technologies: from a simple WooCommerce to a fully customized Laravel, or maybe using PrestaShop for those who want something simple yet powerful.

Team as a Service

We love helping people transform their digital dreams into reality. Sometimes you get an idea but you need help to get started or you need an extra helping hand to develop your project: Dartmoon is here for you.

We have already partnered with various other software houses and agencies to help them with their projects.

And… we have a thing for solving complex problems, try us!

Dartmoon Labs

We love doing tech research and trying out new technologies, libraries or frameworks (even when they are still in alpha version!). And as good startuppers, we always have some new ideas, some new projects in mind that we’d like to build (they literally are sooo many!).

The natural course of action was to found Dartmoon Labs: our own division to forge ideas!

From open source tools and libraries to a platform to get more answers to surveys (and this is just the tip of the iceberg): whatever comes to mind we will develop it.

Come to discover some of our projects, and remember we have some new and innovative projects under current development we are itching to bring to life!

Giving back

The importance of giving back

Yes, we are a software house, but we don’t dedicate ourselves only to code, coffee and snacks. We sometimes like to take on some community projects to help organizations make their dreams come true and give them an impactful digital presence.

Why don’t you take a moment to discover these amazing community projects? (We promise that cute kittens are involved).

our effort

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Ready to hop on the Dartmoon train? Buckle up and prepare for a software adventure that’ll turn your business into a digital superhero! Watch your company bloom, your productivity pop, and your success rocket-launch to the moon (figuratively, of course). Send us a message and kick off your transformation journey right away!