The company

Cittadinner is a food delivery services that is present in the area of San Donà di Piave. With more than 20 restaurants and about 1000 monthly users, it’s the most used delivery service of this area.

The new website of CittaDinner

CittaDinner is one of the best food delivery services of out area and for this we created a completely customized portal for them, where the user can feel right at home while ordering from their favorite restaurants. For the best, the best technologies!

We started with a graphic restyling of the interface, bettering the visual appearance and trying to make the website as easy as possible to use: few steps to follow with few information inbetween. We decided to maintain the distinctive elements of the old website, like the colors and the logo, but we redesigned everything in a more modern way. We put a lot of effort in making the process to order food simple, clear and captivating.

Another important part of our work was remaking the restaurant menu’s UI, making it easier to navigate while also maintaining every restaurant’s peculiarity.

From a technical point of view, we decided to use Laravel, that gave us the ability to create a completely customized website, a thing that would have been way more complicated with the traditional technologies on the market.

In the website we also integrated an admin area that helps CittaDinner with their daily and montly tasks, such as creating DDTs and Invoices.

Talking about CittaDinner has made us all a bit hungry! Happy ordering everyone!