The client

Since 2014 Ilaria Venturin helps newborn kittens who have been abandoned, she becomes their adoptive mom and works on their behavioral development.

The blog: Lary e il mondo dei gattini

Ilaria already had a Facebook page and a YouTube channel where she posts tips, video tutorials and information on how to care for newborn baby kittens. She only needed a blog where she could post all of her knowledge on this delicate and charming world, dividing it by categories and making them available for the users who regularly visit her social media.

So how not to ask Dartmoon, who is so passionate about cats?

For the blog we used the delicate tones of pink and blue, that evoke the feeling of childhood and neonatal age, colors who were already part of Ilaria’s branding.

The challenge in the creation of this blog was the division by categories, very precise and extensive.

We kept the UI very simple to construct an intuitive navigation flow that could feel natural for the user, making it easy to find information.

From a technical standpoint we used WordPress (well, the truth is we used something more modern: Bedrock and Sage), the perfect tool for blogs that allows for a continuous update of the content.

But now, go visit her blog and get ready for some cuteness (how could it not be? It’s baby kittens we’re talking about!).