Rivero is the first DAO of investing and managing real estate in Italy that operates through the tokenization of properties, transforming their portions in NFTs to sell and exchange in the blockchain market (and much more).

Rivero: the first italian DAO for real estate investing

Rivero is an innovative and disruptive project, that wants to revolutionize the real estate market using the blockchain technology. Rivero’s goal is to become the first DAO in Italy of real estate investing, using the NFT technology to tokenize properties and allowing its free exchange on the market.

For those who don’t speak “bitcoin language”, a DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, so a decentralized organization managed by an Autonomous Agent, that is a software that administrates and organizes the business on its own until a certain grade of autonomy. Thanks to the blockchain technology and the concept of smart contracts it is possible to program the actions and the rules of functioning of the organization in an immutable way, and completely transparent for anyone. “No tricks all treats”: this time for real.

As our friend in Rivero are good “startuppers”, they wanted to start their online presence with a landing page that is also a kind of business card for first users (and investors) interested in this really disruptive project.

We crafted a simple and dynamic UI that would bring to light all of the main concepts of the project making it digestible for everyone, and highlighting all the steps of its development (a roadmap on steroids).

As a technology we couldn’t help but use Pothos, our completely versatile WordPress solution that simplifies the making and the maintaining of both landing pages and websites of all sizes.

Now all there’s left to do is go visit and throw yourself into the revolution.

Go Rivers!