Portfolio for Milly Zecchinato

A portfolio is a useful (and I’d say necessary) tool for anyone who wants to call themselves a designer. Sometimes Instagram and Dribbble are not enough to illustrate the choices you made for a particular work, hence the need for a portfolio.

Our own designer Milly Zecchinato was starting to feel limited by Instagram: captions are just not enough. So why not make her an online portfolio?

The portfolio we created for Milly reflects perfectly her design style: minimal, clean, essential.

Images are the strongest element of the portfolio design, and navigation is set through a sidebar from where you can filter content: logo design, web design or various projects.

Inside each project there is information on the project itself and on the software used to make it (and Milly could finally go on explaining why she used that particular color or that specific shape).

Since Milly’s Instagram following is mainly English-speaking, it was necessary that the website was multilingual (and I won’t bore you with the details on how many hours it took me to translate each project…)

Moreover, since dark mode is all the rage today, we absolutely needed to integrate it on the website, also to give your eyes a rest (and to look at Milly’s amazing projects with style).

Follow @millyzecchinatodesigner on Instagram and Dribbble to see her latest projects, even the ones she didn’t include in the portfolio.