Dartmoon Disable Updates

PrestaShop is an e-commerce platform that manages small and medium sized websites. It also has an addons marketplace, where you can install modules to increase your website performance, edit its functionalities or create a fluid and optimized user experience.

In our projects, we used PrestaShop very often, so how could we not try to create our own module?

That’s how Dartmoon Disable Updates was born, our first PrestaShop module (but don’t worry, we have a bunch more in mind!)

This module allows the user to manage module updates for the modules they installed in their PrestaShop Back Office, choosing selectively which modules to update and which modules to not update.

This is necessary for a situation like this: you install a module, configure it and everything is smooth sailing. After some time you decide to update it and BOOM! Your website explodes and stops working properly. This happens way too often. Thanks to our module the website owner can test updates in a staging environment before finalizing them in production, so they can verify beforehand whether to make an update or not.

And now, if you use PrestaShop, download our module, and maybe leave us a good review (trust me, we worked hard on this!)