CittaDinner is a food delivery service that is present in the area of San Donà di Piave. With more than 20 restaurants and about 1000 monthly users, it’s the most used delivery service of this area.

CittaDinner Loyalty: when fidelity makes you save money

CittaDinner always has an eye for its customers’ needs, that’s why they decided to build something that could aid the local economy: CittaDinner Loyalty.

The idea is very simple: the user pays a small monthly fee and in exchange it will have access to numerous discounts of the many partners registered in the portal. Inside CittaDinner Loyalty you will find discounts for everything: from attorneys to music, from hairdressers to opticians: anything really!

For CittaDinner Loyalty we decided to maintain a design and a UI/UX very similar to the CittaDinner website, so that we could use the same dynamics that worked so well in the original website. A very important element was the creation of a “bubble” in the bottom left corner that upon clicking brings you to the CittaDinner website. A similar element was then implemented in the original website to allow users to discover the new service.

We decided to use Laravel for this project, that with its flexibility allowed us to implement all the personalized logics that make the project work. A fundamental point was the users’ sharing system: every user registered on CittaDinner is automatically a CittaDinner Loyalty user and the reverse is also true, rendering the necessity to register a new account unnecessary. To manage payments and the recurring subscription of the user, we decided to use Stripe.

So what are you waiting for? Go visit CittaDinner Loyalty, the first 60 days are free! Maybe I will take the chance to get a haircut.