Cantine: a tasty and fruity project

Disclaimer: the name of the client and the graphic mockup have been altered because the project was developed in collaboration with an agency that has rights to the project.

“Cantine” is an excellence in the Verona wine tradition that recently fused with other brands of the territory, creating an important wine corporation. After this fusion it was necessary to study a new coordinated image for the brand, cured mainly by our partner agency, and a complete remake of their online presence, mainly through their websites.

The project consists of a main website that represents the main brand and a “sub-site” for every one of the five brands that form this wine corporation.

To realize this, we used Pothos, our WordPress based solution that simplifies the making and the maintaining of websites. Like this we were able to give an uniformity to all websites and give the right graphic coherence to the project.

As Dartmoon we started with the definition of the UI, making a mockup for the main website and then adapting it subsequently to the colors and distinctive details of every sub-brand. The main challenge here was giving a uniformity, but at the same time making every single brand stand out on its own, because we wanted to represent the differences of every produced wine.

For every sub-site we also included a digital catalogue of all wines produced by a single brand, complete with technical specifications and all necessary information to taste (digitally) these liquid treasures of our territory.

Finally, thanks to Pothos, we were able to make all websites that compose this fruity DOCG project.

I’m sorry to leave you, but I have a chalice of wine and a book awaiting me!