The organization

Since 2004 A.D.A.S. Onlus works for the defense of animals’ wellbeing. It doesn’t receive any public subvention and works only with private donations. The foundation works on promoting and defending animal rights and responsible adoption, and helps people be more sensible about all of these topics. She collaborates actively with Ulss 4 for the spaying of feline colonies who live in the wild and verifies reports of mistreating who come to it. It recovers and cures abandoned cats and dogs, helping them to find a new family who will give them all the love they deserve.

A website for ADAS Onlus

Who doesn’t like cats and dogs? We, as you know, are animal lovers (who could have thought!). What we don’t love is when animals get abandoned, mistreated of left by themselves.

A.D.A.S. (Associazione Difesa Animali Sandonatese) was born for this very reason and we couldn’t not help them in our own way.

We decided to gift this foundation a completely custom website, where they could put all useful information about adoptions and what every animal owner should know.

For this project we started from their very pronounced branding, particularly on Facebook, from where we got the colors and the general style to create a cohesive website.

The challenge was to include a lot of information without disorienting the user, reorganizing it visually and structuring all the content.

And what is better than Bedrock and Sage to create a custom website for a charity that gave and still gives so much to our area?

And now, visit their website and their Facebook page… and maybe adopt an abandoned cat or dog. You won’t regret it and you will gift these animals with the best present ever: a better life!

Go A.D.A.S!