Rivero: the first italian DAO for real estate investing

Rivero is the first DAO of investing and managing real estate in Italy that operates through the tokenization of properties.

Cantine: a tasty and fruity project

“Cantine” is an excellence in the Verona wine tradition that recently fused with other brands of the territory, creating an important wine corporation.

CittaDinner Loyalty: when fidelity makes you save money

CittaDinner always has an eye for its customers’ needs, that’s why they decided to build something that could aid the local economy: CittaDinner Loyalty.

Portfolio for Milly Zecchinato

Our own designer Milly Zecchinato was starting to feel limited by Instagram. So why not make her an online portfolio?

Storie di Foglie: implementation for e-book selling

Sara needed an implementation to sell her e-book on her own website.

The blog: Lary e il mondo dei gattini

For Lary we built a blog that is cute, cuddly...and full of kittens.

A website for ADAS Onlus

Who doesn't like puppies and kittens? We decided to give a special present to ADAS, who actively helps them!

The new website of CittaDinner

CittaDinner is one of the best food delivery services of out area and for this we created a completely customized portal for them. For the best, the best technologies!