Hello, we are

Who are we? Good question! We’re young, innovative and…a bit crazy! We’re here to make all your dreams come true (we’re a bit like a genie of the lamp!)

Who is Dartmoon?

Dartmoon stems from the mind of two young adults who got together and decided to put forward their know-how, to give everyone the chance to make their dreams come true. And why not, also to make their own dream come true.

We specialize in highly customized and innovative solutions: you give us the idea, and we put in the work (and the sweat).

What are you waiting for? Discover our lunar services and offers.

The Dartmoon team.

We are Dartmoon. We are young and... we’re not afraid to say it.

Alessandro Pasqualini

Alessandro is our developer. He’s fluent in a lot of languages (ok, maybe PHP and javascript are not languages…). He likes to work at night (why do you think our logo is a moon?). He’s the guy you will call at 3 a.m. (that’s almost a certainty) when your website, obviously not made by us, will stop working. So why won’t you avoid it and contact him right away?

Milly Zecchinato

Milly is our Graphic Designer. She owns more than 20 different types of plants. She likes to make backups of them, even following the three-copies-rule. She will never lose a design! She’s the one you’ll call to align the text or make things bigger by one pixel. She loves to use Lorem Ipsum (you’ll find out!)

You have an idea? Doesn’t matter how crazy it is.

As Steve Jobs once said: stay hungry, stay foolish.


Have you ever seen a Maine Coon (the cat at the top of the page) as an adult? Well, we’ll grow big like this